Past & Present

Our Beginning:

Phi Alpha Mu first came into existence in 1923, when a group of women formed a club called the Snake Charmers. Jokingly labeling themselves the "Find A Man" Club, or F.A.M., the club grew, fusing with another group, Zeta Gamma.

At this time, the club adopted purple and white as its official colors, the purple pansy as its official flower, the purple cow as its mascot, and the torch of learning as its official symbol. These symbols are still maintained and cherished today.

In 1926, Phi Alpha Mu was first officially recognized as a sorority by Western Maryland College. In 1937, The Torch became our official yearbook. Phi Alpha Mu adopted Gamma Beta Chi as its brother fraternity in 1941 - the alliance continues to this day. 

In the 1970s and 1980s, there was a great deal of pressure for Phi Alpha Mu to "go national." Phi Alpha Mu has rejected this possibility out of the desire to uphold self-made rules, constitutions, and traditions without national influence, and to maintain the intimacy, closeness and uniqueness of our family.

There is no other Phi Alpha Mu anywhere else in the world, and we intend to keep it that way.

Last year, Phi Alpha Mu celebrated it's 85th anniversary!

What We Stand For:

Phi, Alpha, & Mu are three Greek letters that look thus:


But look again, or you will miss the obvious! In English, the words "I am" can be seen clearly. "I am" expresses individuality. Yet, a circle marks the "I" with impunity. The continuous circle stands for unity. So, Phi Alpha Mu has a dual quality of unity, yet individuality.

Spring 2012 Executive Board:

President: Hannah Friedemann

Vice President: Tefy Mejia
Secretary: Stefanie Breindel
Treasurer: Cari Sledzik
Risk Management: Tefy Mejia
New Member Educator: Kelly Orellana

Sophomore Representative: Anna Ross


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